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When you are traveling, you are going to encounter many people who will be helping you make your travel the best it can be from taxi drivers to hotel maids and waiters. However, sometimes, especially if you are in a new country, you may be confused about what the customs of the area are, and that is also true when it comes to tipping. To help, Krystal International Vacation Club reviews this guide to tipping in Cancun.

  • Cab Drivers: Cab drivers in Cancun do not typically get tipped, and they will not expect one from you, and it is not a social norm for you to do so. You are always welcome to tip at your discretion.
  • Room Service: Krystal International Vacation Club reviews that it is always considered polite and kind to tip your room service and maid staff. However, you do not always have to tip with cash. In many hotels, small thank you gifts are also appreciated by maid staff as a thank you for their hard work. A thank you card with your tip is also a great idea.
  • Dinning: Restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and other places where you are waited on while dinning or drinking expect monetary tips. Follow standard tipping guidelines to leave tips at these kinds of places in Cancun.
  • Musicians: Either in your hotel or when you are out, you may see musicians playing for your entertainment. If you like them and they are asking for tips, drop them a couple of bills.