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Cancun is a travel destination that is full of things to do, but like on any vacation, if you are not wise about the way that you spend your money, you may see your costs steadily rising while you are on your vacation in Cancun. So that you can get the biggest bang for your buck in Cancun, Krystal International Vacation Club reviews these money saving tips.

  • Busses: Busses are a great way to travel in Cancun. They come frequently, they will pick you up when you hail them even if you’re not at a stop, they are cheap, and they go pretty much anywhere that you want to go. This is a great low cost option when you need to get around Cancun.
  • Ditch the phrasebook: Krystal International Vacation Club reviews this tip since, though it is typically a good idea to learn phrases in the language you are visiting, because Cancun is a popular resort site, most residents and business owners speak and understand English pretty well, so you do not need to bring a phrasebook.
  • Buy a local phone card: This is a great option because it makes calling to the United States much cheaper than paying roaming fees on your cell from home.