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Enjoy Vallarta nature with KIVC

Krystal International Vacation Club knows that travelers who are visiting a new destination during their vacation often want to see the true full-experience during their stay. Although many vacations are only for a short time, there are a variety of ways to truly feel in touch with the culture of an area and feel connected, even after your trip ends.

One of the best places to spend time at during your trip is known as Los Acros National Marine Park. Since 1984, this small islet (located just south of Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area) was declared a national park. The ocean waters in the area are very deep (some parts more than 1600 feet) making this the perfect place to see some of the best natural sights in the area. There is quite a bit to see above land, for all those who want to check out what’s going on under the water this is one of the best places to snorkel or scuba dive throughout the famous Banderas Bay.

For those who want to continue their sightseeing on the beach, Krystal International Vacation Club shares a walk down the Los Muertos Beach Pier is in order. Be sure to stop by the famous Seahorse statue at Las Pilitas, and remember this area is near an exclusive hidden beach known as Las Amapas. This is must-see landmark, so Krystal International Vacation Club reminds every traveler to be sure to bring along their camera in order to capture this for their vacation scrapbook.

For other activity ideas or more sightseeing opportunities to enjoy in the area, Krystal International Vacation Club shares to do research before the trip online, or by reaching out to a member of the hotel staff for recommendations in order to find out what all is available in the area before narrowing down what it is that you would like to do during your visit.